The folks on the phone

Call CentreIf your brand has integrated – to any degree – call centre support, how often do you audit their compliance with your market message plan?

A challenge: over the next 30 days, push (just a little) when speaking with the call centres of banks, retailers, and other providers…and you’ll usually see a disconnect.  That disconnect can show itself as the call centre:

  • Not having access to site-level promotions or pricing
  • Being in the dark on inventory availability
  • Language (scripts, tone) being somehow ‘off’ with the brand’s voice – either overly solicitous, too informal, or generally being unaware of brand or program names

As marketers, we’d never unleash a campaign without integrating input from operations, because they’ll be the team that delivers the service we’re promoting.

The challenge for us as marketing leaders is to include the call centre in our planning, to assure outstanding customer delivery on the back end.