Taking a Proactive Stance on Incident Reporting

Taking a Proactive Stance on Incident Reporting

The goal of every OHS committee is to reduce accidents.  This of course aligns with typical corporate objectives of cost reduction, productivity maximization, and attracting and retaining the best people.

As operations become increasingly complex, risk identification can also become increasingly complex.

Insurers can take a proactive stance on helping identify risks, by requiring that all employees of their client carry a customized risk identification app on their phones.  As they go about their day, employees can easily identify risks for follow-up, categorized by severity and type.  The app can even provide geo-location, picture-uploads, and space to enter comments as to why the employee perceives the risk to exist.

From a marketing perspective, this follows the same pattern of augmentation of the core product (provision of a policy to mitigate loss), by providing – or recommending – an app that would help clients take a proactive stance on managing risk. (See ‘A guy wants to buy car insurance…‘ for a consumer-facing example of this process.)

Benefits to the insurer: positioning as a true risk management partner, which could open conversations to additional policies for the corporations, its directors, and leadership.

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