Marketing plan challenger

Does the target business have a high performance marketing plan?

Is it capable of delivering the strategic objectives – particularly your sales goals – that the acquisition will require?

Get a sense of the effectiveness of the business’ current Marketing Plan to power market-growth goals, and start putting the pieces together for a post-acquisition marketing plan that fills these gaps:



Are you priced right?

determine market share

It’s a tough, but generally useful exercise for every business to look inward every now and then, and challenge the current pricing model:

  1. Will the market bear what you intend to charge?
  2. Is what you intend to charge enough?
  3. Is the intended price too much?
  4. How will you achieve sales at varying price points?

Use this worksheet to test various pricing strategies, and identify the break even number of units you’ll need to achieve your target:

Calculating market preference

Calculating market preference

Service businesses in particular can have a tough time getting a grip on the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

This is a useful tool both in planning and in optimizing the business:

How to tell if the brand resonates in the market

Simone Group brand resonance

Planning an acquisition, its important to get a sense of how the target-business’ brand resonates in their markets.  While low resonance doesn’t indicate a deal-breaker, it’s another important aspect to consider when assessing the ability of the business to contribute as planned.

This tool will get the conversation started: