Turnaround planning

Strategic planning

Prior to the go/no-go decision, its prudent to acknowledge that the target company will require some ‘turning around’.  – define that as you will. Of course, the unique particulars of the target business will govern the approach – but in general, the activity needs to be disciplined: number focused, and people-flavoured.  The turned-around business either … Read more

How motivated is the team?

team motivation diagnostic

When you’re considering an acquisition, the quality, motivation, skill, ability, and adaptability of the team at the target company will be a critical dimension of the go-forward decision. A motivated team is a high-performing team. A motivated team generally scores high on measures related to Desire, Ability, and Belief in the company. This Team Motivation … Read more

Understand your market leverage

Strategies for Uncertain Times

The positive elements are substantial: a forced reflection on each of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats is clearly valuable. …the challenge arises in what to do with the information. For example: do we deploy our strengths to offset our weakness? do we deploy our strengths to defend against threats? …or, do we deploy our strengths … Read more

Do you know the market share?

determine market share

While market share can be a tough thing to discover, it’s a really useful tool in strategic market planning.  Knowing, or at least estimating market share will provoke meaningful discussions around: Pricing Direct sales/conversions Advertising strategy Social media strategy Service quality Get started by estimating your market share by using this tool, and tracking changes … Read more