Sustainable Not-for-Profits

Because our mission is to support Canadians on their journey to make their businesses, communities, and livelihoods more prosperous, it necessarily encompasses support for the not-for-profit sector.

As long-time directors of not-for-profits, we know how vital they are to our society.

Not-for-profits balance mission/service-delivery, with employee engagement, operations management, and fundraising, along with concerns about higher rents, reduced government funding, and lower donations.

We know that when any aspect gets out of balance, the entire organization is affected.

We bring our governance, business-building and market development expertise to assist progressive not-for-profits to improve their organizational sustainability.

  • Download the (free) Fundraising Strategy Planner – this is the ‘must-have’ fundraising resource for all Board members and Exec Directors!  This is a complete fundraising strategy development kit, with governance and promotional issues highlighted, so that your organization can get a running start on developing an effective, accountable fundraising program.