Development of Social Enterprises

Today’s funding environment for not-for-profits is unpredictable at best, punishing at worst.

Within this uncertainty, agency leadership has to navigate mission-delivery as well as managing a sustainable fundraising plan.

We help not-for-profits develop new sources of sustainable income, via arm’s-length social businesses that generate needed cash.  We develop financially-viable businesses that are mission-aligned, and sustainable.

We bring the business acumen needed to get the entity off of the ground and to market within an acceptable period, while mitigating operational and reputational risk.

We can help you develop your own concept, market-test new ones, provide you with a ready to-launch business, or source acquisitions that have been shown to be cash-positive, profit-producing businesses.

For suppliers of services – such as realtors, landlords, and others with capacity or ideas that might be monetized, we help you envision a social reality for your space, and further, envision and secure the ideal operator within the space.

Our social business development process involves:

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