March 7, 2018




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Consisting solely of sales and marketing professionals, our people leverage team leadership, and digital and analog marketing to drive growth.

Regardless of the size of your organization, or the strategic hurdle you’re facing, Simone Group will create a customized, high-impact prospect attraction strategy that’ll take you where you need to go.

Attract Leads

We help organizations of all sizes increase market share, attract funding, and grow – by attracting high value prospects and engaging them in the firm’s pipeline.

Services include:

  • CRM optimization: linking branches, training staff, setting-up sustainable campaigns that actually move the needle on pipeline growth
  • Designing and launching direct-to-prospect awareness campaigns, including via social media, direct mail, and calls
  • Optimization of sites, landing pages, and link strategies
  • Taking a critical second-look at marketing plans, promotion plans, trade show sales plans, and sales training plans, identifying opportunities to achieve ‘easy wins’

Convert Leads into Prospects

Just because your prospects are aware of your service/product, doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy yet.

Simone Group manages the conversion process of leads to bona-fide, buy-ready prospects for you, by delivering high-value, aligned educational content, directly to your prospects.

  • Prospect interactions with the content determine their engagement level – and the timing and frequency of follow-up.
  • Every touch-point is scored, so you can see the emerging buy-readiness and engagement levels of your prospects in real time.

Close New Business

Once ready-to-buy prospects have been identified, we provide you with 3 options to close new business:

  • Final scored incent-to-action delivered to prospect
  • Direct engagement/appointment setting call with a sales rep
  • Direct API transfer of prospect record into your CRM system, with email backup