Sell Your Business

Sell Your Business

When the time comes to sell your business, the key to realizing its full value is to find the right buyer who’ll see the value that’s been created, and understand the potential that lies ahead.

To reach the best buyers requires a process. Ours develops prospects who are ready, able, and willing to invest in the right business for them.

Our process is available to business owners, realtors, brokers, or any professional working on behalf of an entrepreneur.

The process:

  • Identifies prospective buyers based on their demonstrated financial, and psychographic behaviours that indicate a desire and ability buy the type business you’re selling – in most cases, we already know or have been in contact with the buyer.
  • Confidentially pre-qualifies buyer intent, ability, and timelines, all without ever divulging financial or other details of your business (or, without doing so until the time is right)
  • Confidentially approaches those prospects that show the highest degree of engagement, to determine their appetite, ability, and readiness to buy
  • Optionally liaises with your counsel to get appropriate documentation drafted and executed on your behalf (or, acting as your broker, use our documentation on your behalf)
  • Optionally liaises with your accounting and taxation advisors, to assure that your interests are covered from day 1 of the process
  • Assesses potential corporate buyers, and directly approaches them with a compelling and customized value presentation – we conduct pre-qualification, and pre-valuation of the potential buyer, by evaluating cash flow, balance sheet, profitability, size and durability of customer lists, stability of workforce, pending litigation, and other matters – all while keeping you at arm’s length until the appropriate time for entry (depending on the size of the transaction, we will use our in-market Certified Business Valuator partner to position negotiations in your favour)

What you can expect:

  • Confidentiality and candour throughout the process
  • Pre- and post-meeting guidance when we meet with engaged prospects, and ultimately, the buyer
  • Positioning of your documentation for a smooth-close, including fine-tuning your business plan to include integration/strengthening of recurring revenue sources, digital assets, and financial projections
  • We will help you position all financial documents and filings for maximum effect and ease-of-consumption by the buyer as they execute their due-diligence phase
  • At-close support, including negotiation, HR, banking, legal, accounting, and taxation

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