Roadmap to Sustainable Mortgage Lead Generation (ebook)

Roadmap to Sustainable Mortgage Lead GenerationCMHC reported that a third of home buyers find their mortgage broker via social and web.

Because 40-50% of buyers use mortgage brokers, an effective and reliable lead generation system is crucial to getting your fair share of business.

The challenge is how, when the job itself requires so much time with customers and suppliers?

Mortgage Professionals have numerous tools at their disposal to help build their practices:

  • Google ads
  • Ads in local papers
  • Radio ads
  • Rate-board postings
  • Social media ads
  • We even see increasing use of billboards and bench-ads

Regardless of the method used to get the word out, all mortgage professionals eventually come to the realization that without a high performing, integrated system, those standalone tools are – really, just tools.

An integrated mortgage marketing system helps mortgage professionals realize that all prospects just aren’t created equally – some are good, some aren’t.


  • An inquiry generated from a Google ad may be just ‘tire-kicking’ or ‘doing preliminary research’
  • Newspaper readership is notoriously low in all markets, and declining, while ad rates are increasing
  • Other lead-generation tactics may yield mixed results

The ideal prospect is the one that’s ready to buy…but how do you get that prospect?

How do you set yourself apart from every other provider in the market?

The Roadmap to Sustainable Mortgage Lead Generation is a 20-page, step-by-step manual that shows you the ins and outs of building a sustainable mortgage lead generation system.

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