Gradual changes in the market, creeping finance charges, inflation’s impact on supply chains or customer behaviour, lack of qualified staff, or any number or combination of other factors can force business owners into uncomfortable situations.

If you find yourself off balance when dealing with any of these issues – we can help.

With decades of experience in the SMB sector, a deep knowledge of how to identify and leverage opportunity, we know that we can not only be your ally, but your competitive advantage.

Our process is based entirely on achieving the goal of improving the sustainability of any SMB.

We help you zero-in on improvement opportunities in each of the three domains crucial to a sustainable enterprise:

  1. Sales/market-approach effectiveness
  2. Operational efficiency
  3. Financial efficiency.

Typical gains involve:

  1. The identification of new markets, often by getting a grip on the break even point of the business, which can trigger the release of incumbent, non-performing markets.
  2. Operational gains are often identified around digitization, including how to reach new markets, improving ordering and payment processes, and aligning payment processes with customer/new-market expectations.
  3. Financial gains are frequently realized by helping the SMB develop a cash flow plan, and helping them understand the true cost of their debt stack.  Often, the cost of debt is a slow-crush for SMB’s: understanding how (and why) debt is used is a first step in gaining control, and reducing this cost.  When debt is actually required, we help by providing the financing necessary, along with a plan to remediate credit scores, improve profitability, with the aim to qualify for lower-cost financing options in the long term.

We work with owners, management teams, external accounting firms, banks, and financing providers to restructure and turn-around the profitability of any organization.

We’re confidential, effective, and appropriately fast.

Let’s start with a coffee.