We select and develop projects based on their ability to:

  1. Create new sources of profitable, sustainable revenue.
  2. Improve the community in which the business is situated.

If you have an idea of how we might collaborate with you to develop new revenue, we’d enjoy a conversation.

Sample projects:

  • DeliveryPoint – a program that helps retailers drive new traffic to their stores, by helping local residents manage parcel delivery.
  • Mainstreet – a program to support retailers in market-challenged BIA’s and towns.  The service focuses on adapting products and services to nearby high-value markets, and to reaching-out to new markets.
  • Givepath – a digital fundraising platform, enabling charities to access previously untapped sources of cash, to help them optimize their community impact.  Services include auctions, grant development, crowdfunding, securities donations, recurring donations, and fundraising strategy tools.
  • Developed seed funding source for social enterprises and micro-businesses, to bring new vitality and employment to under-developed communities and business zones.
  • Authored brand vision statement for independent distillery, which opened access to a market of 11M people, while reducing operational overhead.
  • Developed B2B GIC marketing program for a fintech provider (+5M incremental revenue)
  • Authored marketing strategy for an emerging web-based bank
  • Designed and executed revenue growth project for a US-based hospital targeting affluent Canadian patients (+$1.5M) – including hospital-based training program on how to ‘understand’ and welcome Canadian patients
  • Executed a direct-to-consumer marketing program for a national lender (+$13.5M sales opportunities)
  • Developed strategic plan, including mission statement and financial projections for a start-up social enterprise division of a national not-for-profit; developed 5 business units/services and brought them to various stages of market entry; Coordinated purchase of two revenue properties in BC; Assessed 12 businesses for acquisition, on dimensions of financial sustainability, market demand, and operational viability
  • Evaluated market potential, manufacturing capacity, and presented a business plan for a niche building services manufacturer
  • Lead team of 4 sellers, to increase measurable sales activity by 277% over 3 years, realizing year-over-year sales growth of 5.4%, while managing a $21M book of business, and $100M pipeline
  • Negotiated and managed throughput with strategic partnership agreements with national survey and patient survey vendor (23.5% of market), regional e-learning distributor (12.5% of market), and a national hospital system (11.25% of market)
  • Developed 3 proprietary SaaS products for an international consulting firm, which increased client compliance, eliminated the primary reason for client churn, and positioned the business for both beyond-contract account retention and acquisition of new entry-level clients (+16%)
  • Developed e-learning suite that augmented in-person training sessions, for a national training services provider, which scaled the training message to remote and off-shift teams, improving training compliance
  • Developed and managed a ‘points-burn’ sweepstakes for a national hotel chain, to reduce their points liability, and re-engage high-value customers in unique experiences.  (-25%, on-target reduction of points-liability)
  • Developed off-site catering service for a nationally-branded hotel chain, in two major markets, driving business during off-peak summer seasons
  • Developed international referral database for a national trade association, in partnership with the Canadian government, opening the association’s members to new business from overseas markets