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Increase Average Card Spend

The most efficient way to grow a card portfolio is by growing average spend per cardholder.

By leveraging national networks of retailers where your clients shop every week, we give FI’s a way to increase average spend, and drive new card revenue, and portfolio value.

By looking at your customers as ‘total consumers’ – not just the consumers of your product or service – we provide you with the insights and leverage needed to grow your book of business.

Because our process hinges on the provision of Accelerant Benefits – products and services that your customers are already buying – from recognized national and local retailers, we effectively incent account reactivation with realization of these deals (where money will be spent anyway).

As your customers interact with the offers – via the links provided or via the web, their interactions are scored, and purchases are made – driving up monthly averages, courtesy of major national retailers (even local retailers can be accommodated by the program).

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Here’s an overview of the process:

Simone Group Accelerant Benefits Program


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