Simone Group

B2B Pipeline Development

Because financial services are regulated, the B2B sales process – unless very well organized and resourced – can be cumbersome and even counter-productive, as licensed, trained reps get bogged-down in managing relationships.

Our process involves strategy development, as well as provision of software, people, training, oversight, and scripting, to assure a high velocity sales pipeline.

Specifically, the sales development reps’ focus is consistently building the top-end of your sales pipeline, by:

  1. researching new prospects, assuring prospect data completion as they enter data into the CRM
  2. reaching-out to prospects via email and phone (conducting up to 10 documented touches)
  3. scoring all interactions, and transferring conversion-ready prospects to your trained, and licensed relationship managers, assuring that they are converting good quality, ready-to-close business

If you’re looking to increase your B2B book, we should talk: