Simone Group

AutoClub as a Service

The AutoClub as a Service program gives member-driven organizations a valuable service to present to their members, which will drive engagement, revenue, and profit.

The service is unique in the market, in that it helps members:

  1. Extricate themselves from an accident or vehicle failure (eg: battery failure)
  2. Recover from the accident, with trip interruption, ambulance-fee reimbursement, and hospital fee allowance
  3. Help individuals and families get whole again, with limited accidental death and dismemberment benefits

Sponsoring partners can achieve the dual benefits of member/customer engagement via value provision while realizing a new revenue channel that comes with its own marketing, licensed underwriting, claims, roadside support, and 24-hour helpline.

This service is a complement to Extra Mile Protection Plan, and is a good fit for CU’s, insurance brokers, loyalty-point programs, car dealerships, and others.