Simone Group


Build loyalty and market share by engaging your customers as ‘total consumers’, not just the buyers of financial services.

Considering your customers as ‘total consumers’ establishes the framework to provide them with value that reaches beyond the traditional limits of your business and sector.  

Doing so provides you with opportunities and insights to build loyalty, referrals, and cross-sell revenue.

Our process helps you understand the degree to which your customers:

  • Exhibit brand loyalty
  • Which are most welcome to upsell and cross-sell messaging
  • Which are most open to general promotions

 As this data emerges in real time, we present you with prioritized opportunities to grow your business, including recommendations of key actions to take (and when).

The process is anchored by Accelerants – products and services that your customers need, want, and are already buying.

Accelerants can take a variety of forms: general, product aligned (eg; homeowner focus), or aligned with the interests of specific target demographics.

Communications align with your Privacy Policy and comply with appropriate regulations.

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