Partner with Us

We work with SMB’s in your customer and/or prospect list, to rehabilitate their sales practices, operational efficiency, and provide discipline and effective management to their debt structure.

Financial Institutions, and Accountants:

  • We provide temporary, alternate funding – when your account simply won’t meet typical bank lending criteria.  During this time, we optimize their business by improving sales and market opportunity, challenge operational processes, and assure prompt repayment of these short term obligations.
  • During this time, we refine your client’s business model, including sales projections, and cash flow plan, and assure management discipline is in place to achieve the new (and achievable) sustainability goals.
  • When they’re ready, we re-present them to you, fully ready to qualify for bank financing, and meet their obligations with you.
  • Benefits: an increase in your sales pipeline, increased referrals, and increased revenue

Independent Management and Marketing Consultants:

  • Partner with us to deliver your service to a broader network
  • Collaborate with peers across the country on interesting projects
  • Access our tools
  • Build a valuable income stream for your practice

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