lever purchasing power of your communityWe provide revenue-generating programs that harness the purchasing power of the members, community, prospect databases, and the social networks – of not for profits.

These programs will help not for profits realize near-immediate, and potentially sustainable incremental revenue through market-ready services – provided to members and supporters of your organization – and their social networks.

The net result: every time the supporters of the cause make a purchase, they financially support the organization.

We provide the not for profit with everything needed to hit the ground running, including:

  • A robust marketplace to support members, and to drive engagement, including a roster of attractive rewards to keep members fully-engaged over the long term

Additionally, we provide direct marketing support – keeping your brand top-of-mind with your members, assuring that the program delivers highest possible yield.

Other elements include:


  1. A go/no-go framework to evaluate various concepts
  2. A governance framework, to assure effective support of the eventual operation is in place, while liability is limited
  3. An overview of the journey – spelling-out the ‘days to market’, ‘days to cash positivity’, and ‘days to profitability’ – to assure that expectations are aligned, and the organization is 100% ready for the journey
  4. An assessment of organizational readiness – including financial resources, personnel/governance resources, and operational requirements to be supported

If you’re interested in learning more about how your not for profit can benefit, we’d welcome your inquiry.