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Influencing Donor and Prospect Engagement

While there can be numerous variables to donor/prospect engagement, they ultimately boil-down to the prospect’s ability to give x their desire to give.

That’s it.

Since we can’t influence the amount of money people have, we can influence their desire to give.  A good example of influencing desire to give is outlined in A Reason for Optimism.  That case discusses the phenomenon of $100 tickets being sold for hospital home lotteries, and the rapid acceleration of 50/50 ticket sales at recent sporting events.

In both of those cases, it was clear that the sponsoring organization leveraged ‘Desire to Give’ in a way that over-rode the importance that donors placed (at least in the moment) on their ability to give.

So it can be done.

Why is it important?

Think of desire to give as an accelerator: the higher the desire to give, the higher the returns on the campaign – at any segment of your database.

Run your numbers here to get a sense of the potential that awaits, simply by influencing desire to give:

Click here to use a worksheet, published on, to help you calculate the impact of increasing engagement with low-engagement segments of your database.

Research into consumer decision making shines a light on how not-for-profits can influence desire to give.  Significant factors are:

  1. Past experiences – clearly a record of positive interactions is necessary
  2. Cognitive biases – influenceable via repetition of messaging, frequency acceleration, and social proof cues.
  3. Sunk outcomes/belief that investment will make a difference
  4. Socio-economic status, belief that contribution will matter

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