Increase member engagement

With the objective to increase deposits, transactions, loan requests, credit card usage, and referrals, we help build Member engagement.

By considering your Members as ‘total consumers’ – not just the consumers of your financial services, the opportunity is presented to extend member value beyond the usual paradigms of the sector – and build measurable loyalty as we achieve your objectives.

Our process hinges on the provision of Accelerants – products and services that your Members need, want, and are already buying.

You’ll connect with your Members more frequently, and in new ways – providing exceptional value and insights on issues and services that matter most to them: health, family, financial wellness, the future.

This approach increases awareness, builds loyalty, and ultimately, builds the information necessary to identify which Members are ready to be invited to deposit more, request loans, or refer friends to join the CU.

The branded, themed communications we issue on your behalf are alignment with your Privacy Policy and appropriate regulations, and pass necessary internal reviews.