Who Owns Your Customer Relationship?

customer relationsip

Most industries have lead generation platforms that drive traffic, qualified leads, or closed sales to their subscribers – which of course is a good thing. Good third party platforms send all client/prospect data to the subscriber, in exchange for their monthly fee and/or a reasonable commission (if it’s a closed sale that’s sent). But some … Read more

Pivoting to a New Market

pivoting to a new market

I walked into a small business (a restaurant) near my home yesterday, and was saddened to see that I was the only one there. While the restaurant may have been going gangbusters during lunch – it kinda had the vibe that they hadn’t really seen a customer in a while. I asked the owner about … Read more

Surviving and Thriving When Your Street is Closed

thriving amid road construction

Living in Edmonton, street closures due to construction are a frustrating fact of life.  Drivers patiently (usually) line up and wait their turns to navigate their way through the seemingly never-ending road closures and construction sites. But we all see the empty parking lots and stores as we creep-by them: ‘those retailers must be struggling … Read more

Engage. Sell. Cross-sell.  

Recurring revenue programs

Buried within every service provider’s customer and prospect base is substantial growth potential, hidden in the form of under-engaged customers who might be ready for cross-sell. The challenge is knowing who might be interested in which product, and when. In its global survey, Bain & Company identified a willingness by policyholders and banking clients to … Read more

Recurring revenue programs

Recurring revenue programs

Companies with a higher share of recurring revenue tend to have higher valuations. Our Stratum Five group helps our clients maximize their potential, by developing high-value, client-centric recurring revenue businesses and business models. We have expertise with recurring revenue business models including: Retainer/contract fees Interest Insurance Subscription/memberships Licensing Acquisitions Partnerships and JV’s Every model improves … Read more