Holding Out for a Grant? …don’t hold your breath.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if an unlimited supply of government funds were available just for the asking, when our businesses get into rough waters?

Other than in very rare circumstances – such as those triggered by Covid – there’s very little, if any on-going grants available for businesses to carry on their day to day business (in Alberta, where we’re located at least).

For clarity: if you’re searching for a grant to help you cover your cash flow because of tough times, well, you won’t find one.

You will however find employment-related/growth-related grants that carry narrow qualification provisions, some of which are listed here:

If you’re looking for financing, and can’t find a grant to cover your needs – we can help.

We provide financing support for small Canadian businesses by way of unsecured loans, secured loans, merchant cash advances, and lines of credit.

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