Growth Marketing

Marketing isn’t just advertising.

It’s the optimization of every activity, item, and initiative that touches the market, with the objective of maximizing value for shareholders.

Because marketing is so all-encompassing, it is often the source of success or failure for SMB’s.

  • Do it well, and your chances of success are increased.
  • Do it poorly, and your likelihood of floundering are increased.
  • Don’t do it, and your likelihood of failure is assured.

Our team provides you with the expertise necessary to improve the sustainability of your company.

From strategy to execution, social media to site design, direct marketing to distribution channel development, and yes, even advertising…our experienced team will set you on a sustainable, profitable, and easily managed sustainable growth path.

Our process is based on the Growth Marketing Continuum© framework which assures consistent momentum toward a higher level of sustainable growth, regardless of your current state of market acceptance or success:

Simone Group Growth Marketing Continuum

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