Our mission is to support Canadian leaders on their journey to make their businesses and livelihoods more prosperous.

We provide temporary, non-bank financing – while we help you optimize your business.

During this time, we work with you to optimize your business by improving sales and market opportunity, challenge operational processes, and assure prompt repayment of these short term obligations, and build a plan to achieve your new (and achievable) sustainability goals.

Our service is unique in the market, in that small business owners can get the financing they need, on their terms:

  1. Short term loans when they need it, on highly customized terms.
  2. Extensions when they need it: all without the often onerous qualifications required of financial institutions.
  3. Cash flow forecasts and restructuring support to pay back your debts quicker, and optimize your profitability.

When you’re ready, we re-present you to your bank/CU, along with your revised business and cash flow plan: this is when you’re fully ready to qualify for bank financing (which is typically lower cost than what we can provide).

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