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Financing for business

"This is the only service I know that actually gets me multiple's like the lenders are competing for my business.  This is how it should be."  MS.

Through a marketplace of lenders, you get multiple financing options.  Select the loan that's right for you.  Funds are generally deposited into your account in a day.

  • Immediately achieve your short-term financial goals (cash is generally deposited within 24 hours).
  • Save money, by selecting the lowest-interest loan.
  • Build your credit rating, to improve your personal and business prospects in the future.

You need to know:

  • Your credit score determines your interest rate options - even for business lending. In general, you can expect that interest rates will range from 7.45% for applicants with an excellent credit score, to 31.5%, or perhaps higher, depending on your circumstance.
  • Your credit bureau profile will be checked. An initial inquiry will be made (this has no effect on your credit score) for the purpose of presenting your application to the lenders who are most interested in lending to people in your credit score range.

    Your selected lender will conduct a second - detailed credit record check using the data you provide in your application (this one will reflect on your credit score) - prior to presenting you with their final offer.
  • You will be required to repay the loan over the course of its term, including the amount you borrowed plus the interest on these funds.  
  • Look carefully at your loan agreement, as additional fees may be present: know what your obligations are.  You will be entering a contract with your lender (not with us) - it's important that you understand the terms and obligations that you're about to commit-to. Please note that terms such as 'interest rate', 'rate', or 'APR' are annualized rates at the time of offer of the loan.

    As an example: a loan of $1000, with a 1 year term (to be repaid), at an example 20% interest will mean that you pay $200 in interest, and a total repayment of $1200.

    Your repayment timeline will be in the offer from your lender, and will vary depending on the amount borrowed.  Expect a minimum repayment timeline of 6 months, and maximum of 60 months. Again, your circumstances will vary. 
    Be careful to avoid selecting a loan that you simply cannot afford to pay back. The higher the interest rate, the higher the amount borrowed will cost.

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