Engage. Sell. Cross-sell.  

Buried within every service provider’s customer and prospect base is substantial growth potential, hidden in the form of under-engaged customers who might be ready for cross-sell.

The challenge is knowing who might be interested in which product, and when.

In its global survey, Bain & Company identified a willingness by policyholders and banking clients to receive more information – from their existing insurers and financial services providers – related to both their policies and services, but also to identifying and managing issues that could affect their lives in a significant way.

By considering your customers as ‘total consumers’ – not just the consumers of your specific service-category – the opportunity is presented to extend value beyond the usual paradigms of your sector, to build measurable loyalty and growth opportunities.

We use Accelerants – aligned products and services that your customers need, want, and are already buying – to help you connect with your customers more frequently, and in new ways.  The process provides exceptional value and insights on issues and services that matter most to them: safety, health, family, financial wellness, the future. Effective Accelerants are integrated with your offering in some way – an example is Extra Mile Protection Plan – a specialty insurance product developed by Stratum Five Group.

The process:

  • Increases product-awareness, builds loyalty, and ultimately, provides the information necessary to identify which customers are open to new services, which services, and when.
  • Through these carefully calibrated campaigns, financial services providers can now connect with customers in ways that are personalized, valued, and welcomed…while creating new cross-sell revenue pipelines.

You’ll build loyalty, and ultimately, the information necessary to identify which customers/members are ready to be invited to consider new policy-types, deposit more, request special loans, or refer friends to your business.

The branded, themed communications we issue on your behalf are aligned with your Privacy Policy and appropriate regulations, and pass necessary internal reviews.