Service-line naming: a few practical guidelines

service line namingThe next time we’re considering naming an event, process, product, system, or widget – take a breath – and look at it from the prospect’s eyes.

  • Does a brand name make it easier to sell? (Often it does).
  • Does a brand name make it easer to remember? (Don’t we all wish!).
  • Does a brand name enhance your company’s brand? (The big question.)
  • Does the customer care? (The really big question.)

Think about Starbucks, and their quasi-Italian product names – does it help?  Does it enhance the experience?

Unless you’re a Starbucks, a large black coffee is usually just a large black coffee.  Apply that thinking the next time you’re tempted to write your product/service name with a ‘TM’ attached to it (your prospects may just understand what you’re selling with greater clarity).