Often, the idea of a social enterprise is ‘planted’ by one Board member, who has learned about the concept, sees an opportunity in the market, and is passionate about developing a business to augment traditional fundraising efforts.

Sometimes – fellow Board members eagerly green-light development, while more often, a cautious approach is taken whereby the concept is discussed and evaluated over time.

We provide your Board with:

  1. A go/no-go framework to evaluate concept that might be advanced
  2. A governance framework, to assure effective support of the eventual operation is in place, while liability is limited
  3. An overview of the journey – spelling-out the ‘days to market’, ‘days to cash positivity’, and ‘days to profitability’ – to assure that expectations are aligned, and the organization is 100% ready for the journey
  4. An assessment of organizational readiness – including financial resources, personnel/governance resources, and operational requirements to be supported