Community Revitalization

Because our mission is to support Canadians on their journey to make their businesses, communities, and livelihoods more prosperous, our work involves revitalizing communities.

Revitalized communities require:

  1. Helping businesses in the community thrive, by bringing in new high customer lifetime value customers
  2. Lessening the dependence on businesses that serve to deter high value customers and weaken the lives of those who live in the community (such as payday loan storefronts, usury-interest rent-to-own stores, and similar storefronts that generally signal the economic decline of an area, and often serve to drive out, or discourage new investment in the community.)
  3. Attracting new businesses that attract high customer lifetime value visitors to the area

We address the issues directly, in combination with council, bia, or similarly-motivated groups.

Our process involves:

Revitalized communities framework

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