Community Development: The Mainstreet Accelerator Program

By focusing on resident and business needs, we help communities redefine themselves by:

  • Developing sources of social services funding
  • Attracting new businesses
  • Increasing vitality

The Mainstreet Accelerator Program involves developing, then executing a customized local-market business plan that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the area, and sets in motion a confidential plan to redevelop the area, via:

  1. Alignment with municipal long term vision
  2. Mitigation of core social challenges in the area, by developing social-businesses, increasing financial literacy/providing access to alternate financial services, and partnership/collaboration with community services to affect positive change
  3. Measurement of current economic activity vs capacity.
  4. Identification of a business-first unique value proposition for the area, and qualifying marquee businesses into the area that not only share the vision, but can actively contribute to its realization
  5. Providing the tools, financing, and strategies for in-market businesses to achieve growth and an incentive for out-of-market businesses to move to the area
  6. Identifying sources of nearby retail customers who do not visit the area in substantial numbers, and enacting plans to reach and incent repeat business from this sector, including working with vendors to adapt their products and services to the needs of real buyers.
  7. Providing the proprietary Mainstreet Marketing platform, to help vendors in the area market their products and services on a search-optimized site, social media, to create collaboration/packaging opportunities, to provide a Mainstreet-wide discount-gift-points system to encourage repeat visits.
  8. Integrating web-based platforms to cover the area with service offerings not available in the area, mitigating the damaging effect of predatory lender storefronts and related services
  9. Partnering with developers and realtors to source buyers for transitional properties
  10. Acquiring and re-developing key properties

Let’s talk how the Mainstreet Accelerator Program can benefit your community: