Coming Up with an Offer

Coming Up with an Offer

Coming up with an offer can be a tough exercise, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

On one hand, you may be acutely aware that there’s competition for the business, while on the other, you don’t necessarily have endless resources at your disposal.

This worksheet helps you see the whole picture, and envision the entire playing field from both the seller’s position as well as the buyers (as well as competitive offerings).

Before coming-up with an offer:

  1. Make sure that the market conditions support an acquisition (here)
  2. Assess the relative/strategic value of the business (here)
  3. Get an idea of the ballpark value of the business (here)
  4. Reflect on ‘will the acquisition work?’ (here)
  5. Assure your entire team is on-board with the potential acquisition (here)
  6. If you have other options, assess their NPV along with this acquisition (here)

If all signs are ‘go’, this worksheet will help you come-up with an offer:

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