Combining prospect data to drive the philanthropic pipeline

data integrationA well-known charitable organization asked us to take a second look at their marketing plans, to identify opportunities to drive volume across each of their revenue streams.

One finding that many not-for-profits can learn from, is that prospect/user/donor data needs to be fully accessible across all revenue lines.  For example, it is common that prospects interact with just one service line of a charity Рthe easy opportunity is usually to provide a bridge to a philanthropic ladder for those prospects and customers.

By introducing their customers and prospects to the philanthropic mission of the organization, they can increase their prospective donor pool significantly – without really having to invest much in the effort.

There’s 4 steps to get the ball rolling in the right direction:

  1. Does your not-for-profit have email records for all of your prospects and customers?
  2. Find a way to get this info – it’ll be the currency of your philanthropic ‘ladder’ campaign (or call us – we have ideas to get you started!)
  3. Once you have this info of course, you’ll need the appropriate CASL clearances – a quick call to your legal team will get this sorted out
  4. The next step is to develop an ‘introduction to philanthropy’ nurturing campaign¬† (download our ebook, Developing a Robust Major Donor Pipeline)