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Sometimes, the best way to achieve sustainable growth is to buy it.

When incremental gains in market share show diminishing net returns, a change in strategy may be necessary to achieve targets.

Joining forces with a similar business is also an effective way to build supply chain scalability, reducing costs, and increasing leverage on behalf of your clients.

An acquisition of a profitable, cash-positive business can bring a wide range of benefits to the acquirer, some of which include access to technology, staff, new markets, new customers, and a fresh injection of management skill.

When growth via acquisition is on the table, we:

  • identify prospective targets
  • confidentially approach those targets, to determine their appetite to sell or merge
  • begin pre-qualification, and pre-valuation of the potential target business, by evaluating cash flow, balance sheet, profitability, size and durability of customer lists, stability of workforce, pending litigation, and other matters – all while keeping you at arm’s length until the appropriate time for entry.

Our process is adapted from this framework:

acquisition process







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