We help Business Brokers and Realtors source closeable, qualified prospects for small and medium businesses.

Brokers access our extended marketing capability, nationwide contacts, and process that directly identifies, engages, and cultivates high-value buyers – to close more sales.

  • Exclusive inquiries, sent directly to your in-box
  • Leverage presence of a top Canadian media presence, whose focus across multiple platforms is on providing entrepreneurs with meaningful information and resources on issues related to the sale and purchase of independent businesses and franchises
  • Access to  Individual Buyer Profiler, to drill-down and quickly identify both in-and out-of-market prospective buyers
  • Access to Corporate Buyer Profiler, a proprietary process to identify companies that could be likely buyers of your client’s business
  • Customized social marketing campaigns that deliver high conversion messages to the likeliest buyers of listings
  • Monthly sponsored content on the site, and delivery to registered potential buyers
  • First-access to listings created by business owners (those listings without a broker)

How to start?

  1. Click here to get started today. – set up your account.
  2. Select the Broker plan you’re most interested-in. – once complete, your account will be live.
  3. Start adding your listings (you can modify them at any time).  – we’ll augment the listings with professional artwork for you, if none exists.
  4. Inquiries from interested prospects will be sent to your inbox.  You can track each response in your Account Management Dashboard.
  5. We’re standing-by to help if needed.