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Build Loyalty

We believe that each retail customer (or member) represents substantial – and often unexplored – growth potential.

Often, the reasons why this potential remains unexplored can be traced to the entry of the customer/member to the organization: eg: the long-ago  of opening of a savings account, the purchase of a single insurance policy, and so on.

As time goes by, the customer/member remains perfectly happy with the level of service and pricing, and simply renews annually, and smiles and interacts politely – unaware that more benefits/services can be delivered by the company.

So, despite focusing on great customer/member service, unless a deeper relationship is deliberately engaged and managed, the status quo will (in the mind of the customer) happily prevail, and a fragmented share-of-wallet will persist.

We help financial services providers understand – and quantify – the potential that’s ‘right there’ – either by improving service levels, introducing new communications strategies, developing segment-specific product lines, or developing strategies that integrate these and other elements (including of course KYC).

We work with leadership to turn organizational strategy into actionable and quantifiable outcomes.  Working on a critical path, we assure the project is on time, on budget, and delivers the agreed-upon outcomes.

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