The conventional growth strategy for most businesses can be summed in one word: ‘more’.

But sometimes, ‘more’ isn’t necessarily the only path.

Typical motivations are:

  • larger businesses find that acquiring similar businesses in new territories is an effective growth strategy
  • smaller businesses find that being acquired – or becoming part of a larger business in some negotiated and preferential way – brings many benefits – not the least of which is revitalized branding, more robust supply chains, and an advance of cash

There’s benefit for both the acquiring party and the exiting party (or no deal).

Working with your legal, financial, and/or brokerage teams, we bring price optimization discipline, and buyer/seller sourcing databases to help you complete your transaction at maximum value.

We help SMB owners develop pre-exit/pre-acquisition strategy, elements of which are detailed in the respective process maps below:

The process for selling a business looks like this:

business sale process

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