5 Reasons to consider an acquisition

Answering ‘Yes’ to any of these will give you confidence that you should proceed with the exploration of an acquisition: Arrange a confidential conversation to discuss issues and opportunities that go well-beyond this document’s scope:

Coming up with an offer

Coming Up with an Offer

Coming up with an offer can be a tough exercise, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. On one hand, you may be acutely aware that there’s competition for the business, while on the other, …

getting on the same page

Planning an Acquisition: Getting on the Same Page

Before the deal enters the decision process, it’s critical that the decision team is 100% aligned in advance on numerous critical issues.  Failure to align could scuttle the deal, or threaten the integration because of …

how to assess prospect list quality

Assessing the quality of a company’s prospect database

When an acquisition is being contemplated for the purposes of selling to a new market, the quality of the prospect list of the target company is obviously crucial. This tool will give you what you …

cost of organic growth

What’s the business worth?

It can be easy to over-pay for a business in the private-sale market. That’s because entrepreneurs have built them – sweated them out, and stayed with them through thick and thin.  When it becomes time …

market conditions suitable for an acquisition

4 Market conditions that indicate timing is right for an acquisition

Considering an acquisition? Arrange a confidential conversation to discuss issues and opportunities that go well-beyond this document’s scope:

assess relative value of an acquisition target

Assessing the relative value of a target

Once a target has been identified, and well before the go/no-go decision is made, a relative assessment of the target’s value has to be made. Generally, that’ll involve a consideration of the business on its …

our thinking - fair market share

Is the business getting fair market share?

Is the business realizing its fair market share? The power in knowing – even estimating – this information, is in identifying opportunities for growth by product line, as well as (for acquisitions) identifying correct pricing …

Will the acquisition work?

Considering an acquisition? This typology of successful acquisitions will arm you with the confidence to continue with the plan, or search for an alternate target (“Yes” responses indicate greater likelihood for success).


Assessing viability of multiple options

When you’re faced with the situation of having too many options, the best way to plot the path forward is to assess the net present value (NPV) of the cash generated of each option under …