February 28, 2016


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About Us

There’s six reasons to partner with Simone Group to achieve your market-growth objective:

1. Domain Expertise

  • We’ve partnered with companies in the financial services, healthcare, consulting, manufacturing, hospitality, and not-for-profit space.
  • We take the time to learn your business – your model, your people, your competitors, your opportunities.  Then we get to work.

2. Strategic and Execution Competence

  • Our analytical frameworks provide us with insights into market opportunities that might be missed internally.
  • We translate your strategy into realizable, KPI-driven project plans.
  • We deploy people and technology to deliver on those plans.

3. Digital Expertise

  • Our team carries all of the usual certifications you’d expect: from the search providers, CRM-companies, and automation providers, and the like
  • But more than technical expertise is our unique ability to author and publish high value, engaging digital content across multiple channels, that add value to your prospect relationships

4. Results-Driven

  • We don’t waste time with ‘vanity metrics’ like clicks or CTR.  At the end of the day, engagement and conversions is the only thing that matters to shareholders.
  • We’ve driven $300M of incremental volume opportunity for clients over the years.
  • KPI-driven, and entirely focused on revenue generation and acceleration.  You get results. We don’t waste your time or your money.

5. Confidential and Aligned with Regulatory Requirements

  • Always confidential and aligned with your regulatory and compliance requirements
  • If you don’t tell the market – or your shareholders – that you’re working with us, neither will we.

6. Our Promise

  • Take the time to fully understand your business, your service, your products, and your processes.
  • Fully understand your prospects and desired prospects.
  • Quantify the number of prospects in your market – so that  you get a complete understanding of your market share.
  • Approach prospects with professionalism, courtesy, and fully respecting prospect ownership and regulatory guidelines you provide.
  • Deliver a sales development project – digitally or using our people-assets, that will help your business get more customers.


You have my word on it.

James Simone

James Simone, MBA



Find out about how we can help you accelerate your business development goals…let’s schedule a talk, or call us directly at one of the numbers below:

  • Edmonton: 780.851.9988
  • Calgary: 403.796.5172