About Us

About Simone GroupWe provide customized revenue growth programs for SME’s and Not-for-Profits.

Founded in 2006, we have offices in Alberta and Ontario, and serve enterprises across the country.

Ultimately, there’s six reasons to partner with us:

1. Domain expertise.

  • We’ve partnered with companies in the financial services, healthcare, consulting, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, not for profit, personal services, and CPG sectors.
  • We take the time to learn your business – your model, your people, your competitors, your opportunities.  Then we get to work crafting a solution that guarantees sustainable results every time.

2. Strategic and execution competence.

Our analytical frameworks provide us with insights and perspectives into market opportunities that can often be missed.

  • We translate your strategy into realizable, KPI-driven project plans – including the development of new business lines, augmented business lines, and other growth opportunities.
  • Excellent people, combined with the technology that can deliver your plans.

3. Digital and project management expertise.

  • Our team carry the usual certifications you’d expect: from the search providers, CRM-companies, automation providers, and Project Management certification.
  • But more than technical expertise is our unique ability to position your business as the go-to solution for the product-markets you seek to develop

4. Results-driven, with an eye toward long term performance and sustainability.

  • We’ve driven $300M of incremental volume opportunity for clients over the years.
  • KPI-guided, and entirely focused on revenue generation, acceleration, and sustainability.  You get results. We don’t waste your time or your money.

5. Confidential and aligned with regulatory requirements in your industry.

  • Always confidential and aligned with your regulatory and compliance requirements
  • We understand the sensitivity of bringing an outside group in to manage even a part of your pipeline for a short period of time – if you don’t tell the market you’re working with us, neither will we.

6. We promise:

  1. To take the time to fully understand your business, your service, your products, and your processes.
  2. To fully understand your prospects and desired prospects.
  3. To quantify the number of prospects in your market – so that  you get a complete understanding of your market share.
  4. To deliver a solution that will help you sell more.


Simone - Sell MoreCall us directly at one of the numbers below to talk about accelerating your business development goals…let’s schedule a talk,

  • Ontario: 416.553.3331
  • Alberta: 403.796.5172