Our Story

In 1998, we engaged a third party to help us package our business for investment and an eventual sale.

We found the process to be unduly time-consuming, expensive, and a burden to the continuing operation of the business. The personal stresses were outside of what was to be expected, and we were left with a ‘bad aftertaste’ of the process.

 We resolved then and there to make the process of growing or buying a business easier.

As the years passed, we took on increasingly complex portfolios for clients across a variety of sectors in both Canada and the US.

Common to each was the development and execution of processes to build scale, find buyers, and develop partnerships.

During an assignment a few years ago that involved the assessment-for-acquisition of several companies across western Canada, we noticed that

…most businesses focus only on delivering incremental growth – working ever harder. and investing more – to get that increasingly elusive 4-10% growth, in the hope that the grass will eventually become greener for the owners.

As board members in the not-for-profit sector, we also noted the bias toward ‘financial maintenance’ versus ‘growth’.

Our goal is to be recognized by our partners as an indispensable part of their strategic growth.

We help our partners build capacity, source and close deals with high-value acquisition targets, good-quality strategic partners, and qualified buyers.

Our mission is to help businesses achieve their potential, through transactions that build and extend capability, coverage, and scale, while building owner equity.

What sets us apart is our combination of advanced financial and psychographic profiling of quality acquisition targets, strategic partners, and buyers, with international prospect databases that quickly identify, engage-with, qualify, and nurture high value acquisition targets.

The process provides clarity, confidence in the outcome, and comfort (via our 3-level service guarantee).

Founded in 2011, we service clients in Canada and the northern US from our offices in Toronto, Niagara, and Edmonton.

We’ve driven hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunities for companies in the financial services, insurance, member services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

We come from backgrounds as strategic marketers and entrepreneurs. Through engagements including acquisitions, leadership of new product-market initiatives, and development projects that included financial service augmentations, we’ve driven recurring revenue and profitability.

We’ve sourced buyers for businesses in the realty, publishing, consulting, manufacturing, medical devices, hospitality, payments, healthcare, personal services, taxation, pet services, and long term care, and technology sectors (including franchises).

We’ve worked with brands including Honda, Easton, CBT, Transamerica, Chase, Home Trust, Scotiabank, BCAA, CAA, 18 Asset Management, Giant Tiger, Manulife, Cashco Financial, Marriott, Best Western, Stratford Festival, CLS, University of Vermont Health Network and many more.

We value relentless focus on process innovation and value creation that benefits our customers and their customers. We manage our relationships with candour and confidentiality.

We are committed to nurturing high value partnerships and client relationships that endure.

Our story continues to evolve with our recent acquisition of  Sellboard – a best-in-class digital marketing platform that’s open to all not-for-profit organizations.  Sellboard makes digital fundraising easy, by helping not-for-profits to engage more donors, via:

    • crowdfunding campaigns
    • auctions
    • events
    • securities donations
    • subscription donations, one-time donations
    • social amplification
    • matching funds programs
    • …and the strategy and promotional experience to pull it all together.


James Simone

James is a Strategy Consultant and Marketing specialist with broad experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

A process-driven executive with a record of creating exceptional shareholder value for businesses searching for gains in very competitive markets, James has developed and executed strategies that created sustained revenue market share leadership for brands in competitive service-driven markets.

He has launched several enterprises, and consulted on the acquisition and management of many others – all through the lens of creating sustainable growth for sponsoring partners, through excellent services.

His expertise has been applied in the financial service, healthcare, consulting, personal services, and hospitality sectors, including Home Trust, University of Vermont Health System, CLS, Marriott, and CBT.  As a Strategic Consultant, James has taken on early-stage leadership roles with companies in the healthcare and publishing sectors.

James is an active board member in the not-for-profit community in Edmonton.

He holds an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School.


Ron Simone

Ron is Founder and President of Stratum Five Inc, a revenue-growth solutions agency. A business line leader with extensive practice in mass and direct-to-consumer marketing channels,

Ron is regarded as one of the most experienced Revenue Enhancement professionals in North America. Clients have included JP Morgan Chase, TransAmerica Life, and CAA.

Prior to founding Stratum Five, Ron was a Corporate Officer, Vice President, and member of the executive team of Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS), one of the most innovative and successful financial services organizations in North America.

Under his leadership, earnings from cross-sell services quadrupled. His portfolio of insurance, extended warranty, membership services, and reinsurance was independently benchmarked to be five times more profitable than any like-scaled North American credit card issuer.

Ron is a graduate of the Ivey Business School at Western University.