We stand for SMB prosperity.

Our purpose is to help small and medium-sized businesses attain – and sustain – profitability.

We accomplish this purpose by bringing best-in-market professional support to address any business challenge or capitalize on any opportunity, and ultimately, to position the business for long-term exit investment.

This is why we exist.

Our mission is to support Canadians on their journey to make their businesses, communities, and livelihoods more prosperous.

  • We like the idea of fully-empowered small business owners, boldly, confidently managing their businesses – regardless of economic and local headwinds.
  • We know that to be successful, businesses need reliable cash flow.  They need a plan. Sometimes, they need to re-configure their debt structure. We’re there for them during these times.
  • It’s a non-negotiable that small businesses have a nimble presence in the social media world, have a great web site, and manage leads securely. We help them achieve this goal.
  • We know that to compete against larger players, small businesses need to innovate, to drive-out costs, to develop new products and services, and to optimize the services they currently have.  We help them with this.
  • And, when they succeed to build something truly remarkable, we’re there to bring the equity needed to buy the founders out, or inject the capital needed to continue the vision well into the future.

We nurture high value partnerships and relationships that endure.  We manage our relationships with candour and confidentiality.

You’ll work only with proven professionals: the folks who know small business and are masters at their respective crafts.  We deliver measurable results with every engagement.

Founded in 2005, we service Canadian clients from our office in Edmonton and our network of specialists across the country.

Contact James Simone at 403.796.5172 related to any issue or opportunity, or via: