Not for Profits

A Reason for Fundraising Optimism

Reading AFP’s recent research into Canadian giving trends can cause one to shake your head and exclaim “no wonder it’s so tough!”.

The research into preferred methods of approach hit like a punch to the gut – leading the way were incredibly easy-to-dismiss appeals from cashiers and direct mail (that would be determined to be successful even if they returned single-digit rates on single-digit gifts).

Why? Well there’s a ton of research that tells us that Canadians are financially stressed, inflation is high, people are overburdened, over-taxed, and carry too much debt…so, we forgive our fellow man.

Yet, somehow, the big hospital foundation lotteries can sell multiples of $100+ ticket packs.

The 50/50 draws run by the Edmonton Oilers Foundation last year are another example: when the payout ran into the millions, the campaigns took on a life of their own, and more and more people dug deep for money that they denied cashier-appeals and direct-mail appeals…for the rarest-of-rare chances of winning.

These big budget foundations have given us the gift of realization: that if the carrot is substantial enough, aligned-properly with the wants of their would-be buyers, then, well, despite their financial hardships, Canadians will pony-up relatively large sums for tickets, and they’ll do it over and over again.

These situations prove that for organizations struggling to raise funds, more often than not, it’s a marketing problem, not a fundraising problem.

So what’s the cause for optimism?

With, even the smallest not-for-profit can develop compelling, market-aligned promotions, and get them to the likeliest, most interested buyers (not necessarily donors!) – to build funding sustainability.

If you’re the ED, we’d love to show you how the platform can work for you.