6 Reasons to take an aggressive posture on CU Member engagement.

6 Reasons to take an aggressive posture on CU Member engagement.

As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, generationally-low interest rates are at least one contributor to the real estate price boom gripping much of the country (Spring of 2021).

This is great news for CU’s.

6 things you can do right now to position your CU for growth, in this environment:

  1. Reach out to Members now – and remind them of the breadth of your services – from personal loans, credit cards, HELOC’s, PLOC’s, Mortgages, and commercial loans.
  2. Reach out a second time – and remind them of the competitiveness of your pricing.  When it comes down to it, a Member will be family-loyal first (meaning price will be the determining factor).
  3. Be visible where it counts – get on RateHub, and other aggregators.
  4. Cleanse your commercial prospect database, and reach out to new prospects with an unbeatable offer to invite a rep in for a conversation.
  5. Get in front of realtors, business brokers, and entrepreneurs.
  6. Requalify your personal membership database to uncover prospects who have developed new businesses, or are considering it.

Contact us to talk about a member-engagement springboard, and get the intelligence needed to drive lending services into your market.