Not for Profits

3 Ways to Increase Funds from Your Golf Tournament (or Gala)

Even small not-for-profits often host one major fundraising event per year – either a golf tournament (or similar), a gala, or related event.

Whichever it is, here’s how you can increase the funds raised over last year:

  • Develop a VIP Event-within-an-Event – think of it as a ‘President’s Club’-style, invitation only, pre/post/backstage/meet-the-celebrity/private talk/private round-table with an exclusive group of insiders, peers, and influencers.  Charge an outrageous amount for a program that gives outrageous access.  Be daring. The potential can be significant: 15 VIP’s x $500 can net an additional $7,500.

Sellboard’s Event management module can help you design and launch these tickets with ease, and offer them to your premium prospects.

  • Prior to promoting the event, develop a roster of highly sought-after experiences (not products), and offer these for auction via your Sellboard auction module.  The experiences should be things like weekends in luxury hotels, golf/spa/theatre getaways, foodie getaways, ski weekends, and the like.  Near-home, but significantly high end to push the bar on the interest they’ll generate.  Reach out to the tourism boards of the towns and regions in which interesting experiences lie (eg Banff, Whistler, Collingwood, Niagara, Prince Edward County, etc), and ask them to put together one-of-a-kind date-specific packages for you.  For example, 10 packages x $1500 nets a potential $15,000 of additional funds.

Use your Sellboard auction module to set minimum bids, sell-now prices, and bid-up increments, you’ll drive volume not seen in prior-year events.

  • Develop a ‘bite size’ subscription product, and sell it at the event (or with the tickets, in advance) to every single guest.  This will increase post-event funds substantially.  For example: 100 guests who buy into an affordable $5/month subscription nets your not-for-profit an additional $6,000 per year.

Use your Sellboard dashboard to develop a subscription product – and get it to market asap.

If you’re an ED, or member of a Marketing Committee – we’d love to have a conversation with you about increasing your fundraising potential.