3 Big Small Business Challenges

I was driving home today while listening to the local traffic-specialist radio station.

They interviewed a local fitness studio owner who was incredibly, courageously candid about her situation:

  1. fewer customers
  2. tough to restart the business after lockdowns
  3. customers aren’t spending as much

None of these will be a surprise to any small business owner, but it’s still tough to hear.

If you find yourself in this situation, we can help by:

  • developing new markets (yes, we can even do it for fitness studios)
  • developing new services (yes, even fitness studios have more potential than exists just within their walls)
  • developing new revenue streams
  • providing financing
  • helping you take some pressure off by restructuring your financing

If you, or anyone you know is experiencing the ‘big 3’ challenges facing small businesses – we should talk.

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