Connecting purpose to profit, to make communities better.

We’re a business development shop that exists to build better communities.

Our mission is to help Canadian not for profit organizations maximize their fundraising potential and community impact.

We achieve our mission by providing the strategy, internal alignment, donor identification, promotion planning, digital marketing, campaign planning, and grant provider data to help not-for-profit agencies reach new donors, engage existing donors in new ways, and drive new funds into their organizations.

Key services provided include:

  • auctions
  • events
  • securities donations
  • subscription donations, one-time donations
  • social amplification
  • matching funds programs
  • …and the strategy to pull it all together.

For organizations seeking to build sustainable flows of non-dues, non-grant revenue, we also develop of social enterprises to achieve this objective.  With dozens of proven concepts in market or various stages of market launch, we can quickly zero-in on a cash-positive entity that brings true value to your market, to create sustainable growth.  We can also advise on appropriate corporate structures for your Board and legal and advisory teams to consider prior to launch.

This work is also directly applicable to business districts, and is a feature of our Mainstreet Accelerator program, that integrates social enterprise and business development to bring new vitality and prosperity to merchants in cities and towns across North America.