A female employee of a senior living residence, dressed in her blue scrubs, walking arm in arm on a sunny day in the gardens of an assisted living residence with an elderly female resident. They are both engaged in conversation and smiling.

We enhance the financial stability of senior care providers.

Through disciplined performance management that aligns with corporate KPI’s, strategy, and policy, we improve site management’s capability to improve quality of care and position as an employer of choice.

How We Do It: The CARE Process™

The CARE Process is the foundation of our methodology, leading to insight for action: 

The 4 stages of the SimoneGroup CARE Process for improving employee engagement and resident satisfaction in senior living facilities are: Collect, Analyze, Re-Focus, and Elevate.

  • Collect             | we gather information from KPI dashboards, employees, residents, families, and managers
  • Analyze           | we compile and analyze the data – identifying trends and gaps vs. benchmark
  • Re-Focus        | insights help identify areas that require modification or innovation via a customized performance improvement plan. Learn More.
  • Elevate            | planning, coaching, and implementation leads to enhanced performance, as measured by continuous data collection. Learn More.


Our Performance Improvement Process

Using the full suite of performance improvement tools at their disposal (Project ManagementLearning DevelopmentEmployeeEIFamilyEIOperational KPI’sTouchpointAlert, and others), our coaches work with your leaders to develop customized, practical, low-overhead performance improvement and/or initiative implementation programs that get results – every time, guaranteed.

CARE Effectiveness Index (EI)™

CARE EI gives care providers the insights into where they stand and where they can most significantly improve. 

CARE EI is a weighted composite of a portfolio of four actionable, and inter-related, performance metrics:

  • EmployeeEI         | the baseline that leads to a focused performance improvement process and results that matter most to employees. Learn More
  • ManagementEI  | helps senior leaders achieve more by understanding how managers and supervisors perceive and support key initiatives. Learn More
  • ResidentEI           | clarity on the experiences that matter most to residents and care-recipients. Learn More
  • FamilyEI               | insight into the experiences most valued by family members of residents and care-recipients. Learn More

Improvement requires action.  Action starts with a conversation…let’s start now.