We stand for SMB prosperity.

Fewer available employees, higher rents, higher financing costs, tighter credit terms, and lower customer spends are just some of the challenges that make running a small to medium-sized business particularly difficult.

This is why we exist.

Our mission is to support Canadians on their journey to make their businesses, livelihoods, and communities more prosperous.

Our purpose is to help small and medium-sized businesses attain – and sustain – long term profitability, by combining growth planning, opportunity development, marketing execution, and when needed, financing.

We like the idea of owners, boldly, confidently managing their businesses – regardless of economic and local headwinds.

Why is this important?

We know that to be successful, businesses need reliable cash flow.  They need consistent sources of growth to hedge against cyclical, predictable, and unforeseen challenges.

We develop the growth necessary for small and medium businesses to become more profitable and sustainable.